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About Us

Healthy Snacks Range

Get a full range of our healthy snacks that includes nuts, seeds, trail mixes, farsaan, bakery products, confectionery and more.

Seamless Shopping

Try hands on our different range of snacks for your family, friends, & colleagues seamlessly by hovering around the pages and easy paying options

Efficient Logistics

Order your snacks and sit back stress free. We assure you on-time delivery at your door step

Health Consultation

Whether you are fit or fat, athletic or dancer, workaholic or traveler we will “HEAR YOU”. Your healthy lifestyle is our responsibility.

Lifestyle Blogging

We dedicate time with our clients to understand their routine and bring that to life. From their Workout routines to Diet Secrets all under one roof.


Catering to all types of occasion & festivals. Don’t just wish a healthy life but gift them!


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Our Story

Active & busy lifestyle in most Indian cities, leaves us a little time to find, cook or discover healthy food options. It is either that, or we are used to eating something that is quick but not necessarily healthy. Don’t we all wish our appetite to be healthier?

The idea of Nutsutra, came to our founder Mr. Mohit Gogri, when he was working in USA around 2016. Many of his friends, colleagues and near ones were fast to adapt to healthier options when available, for snacks or small meals. Energy Bars, Trail Mix and so on. Mohit returned to India in 2018 for good, carrying the same idea in his head and started studying the food habits in bigger cities.

In India till 2018, we saw people facing weight issues due to the kind of lifestyle they were living with no diet/health management. When we tried to consult a nutritionist, we came across the theory that majority of people are experiencing failures in their diet management due to unavailability of mid meal snacks.

They couldn’t compromise their 3 PM snacks with fruits every day. We discussed a lot about the possible snacking options that can cater the wide range of Indians who are always binging on spicy & tangy food

We started hovering over few Indian supermarkets & online sites and found out that how junk food was cheap and accessible while healthy food was a dream for everyone.

We decided to take the plunge, to make this healthy food accessible for more and more people by regulating the prices.

Our mission, in the start was simple, “by making our products price effective & readily available everywhere, we can make people overcome their habits of unhealthy food and help them to choose the right lifestyle”

NutSutra products are tiny little crunchy bites that are designed with the help of top nutritionist and are brought to you without any chemical process. We are late in the market, but we aim to spread our wings through Pan-India.

Our Mission

Our mission, at Nutsutra, is to be provide you health snacks of topmost quality without adding any artificial colouring agents or any kind of chemicals and contribute to the environment by always using recycling material for packaging.

What this means for you?

Healthy Snacks: In our daily life, we are used to eating whatever is easier to find, be it, at the nearest shop from your home, snack store near the office, or shopping while on the go. At Nutsutra, we would like to help you inculcate the habit of healthy eating without upsetting your taste buds. Yes, we will ensure healthy snack is also tasty snack 😉

Recyclable Packaging: Enough is being said but very little done. We want to do our little for the mother nature by ensuring we only recyclable packaging for all our products.

Quality Assurance: We are on this mission to ensure that the nutrients in the health snack produced stay intact. We, therefore, follow a very strict quality procedure in every step of the process. At Nutsutra, we want to deliver, what we preach.


Our Process

Our process has four stages

Research: we are constantly researching new products globally and trying to bring it to your table. Our research includes healthy options in all categories of food

Manufacturing or Sourcing: Some of our products are manufactured in our facility with best quality raw materials which are imported & natural ingredients. Other products are sourced from a good quality vendor with proper certification

Laboratory Check: All our products are gone under laboratory processing where it is checked for its nutrition content and quality every season

Quality Assurance: Before delivering it to end customer we take care about the quality, packaging & logistics to give 100 % service to our customer

Our Special Team


Mohit Gogri

Founder, M.S. Electrical Engineering

From an Engineer to a Food manufacturer, the journey was different but not difficult. It was more about passion to do something in this sector where the market lacks an understanding about the people habits & their reasons behind consuming a certain set of food.


Kinjal Gogri

Head of Designing Team

After working with a numerous clients in the industry, she has taken up the responsibility of designing the best product packaging solution for Nutsutra & she also handles all the online marketing platforms. Her vision & work coincides to bring the best version out for NutSutra


Shikha Gala

Head Nutritionist, MSC in Food Nutrition & Dititics

With working on her project on nutrition programs for adults, she has helped NutSutra to find the right combinations of products that can provide maximum nutrition to our health


Varun Dharod

Production & Logistics Manager

Having a prior experience in managing a small firm, Varun brings in his expertise in handling the production unit as well as logistics of NutSutra